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Zinc Galvanizing Alloys

Galfan / Zn-5Al-MM / Zinc-5 % Aluminum-Mischmetal Alloy

Galfan is a type of steel that is coated with a zinc-aluminum layer instead of the traditional galvanized steel zinc layer because the zinc-aluminum layer has superior corrosion resistance. This superior corrosion resistance allows thinner layers of protective coating to be applied.

Galfan, Zn-5Al-MM alloy ingot for hot dip coatings may contain up to 0.002%, 0.1% and 0.05% of antimony, copper and magnesium, respectively. No harmful effects were observed due to the presence of these elements up to these concentrations and therefore analysis for these elements is not required.

Galfan Zinc Galvanizing Alloys

• Better corrosion resistance
• Many cars contain galfan coated components
• Electrical boxes are usually made of galfan-coated material

Galfan Chemical Analysis

Analysis  ( %) Galfan / Zn-5Al-MM
Al 4.2 – 6.2
Cerium + Lanthanum (MM) 0.03 – 0.10
Cd ≤0.005
Fe ≤0.075
Sn ≤0.002
Si ≤0.0015
Pb ≤0.005
In ≤0.005
Zn 93.56 – 95.56
Other Balance
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