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Zamak, Zamac or Zinc Die Casting Alloys

Zamak is a family of alloys with a base metal of zinc and alloying elements of aluminium, magnesium, and copper


Zamak goes by many different names based on standard and/or country. While Europe uses the EN 1774 standard, America uses the ASTM B240 standard.

Of course, there are zamak varieties in the market that do not comply with any standard. Some manufacturers set their own standards according to the feature of the part they produce.

Manufacturers exporting to underdeveloped countries or producing products that are not given much importance in such countries may also prefer non standard zamak varieties with higher lead, iron or cadmium ratio due to the prices.

Zinc and Zinc Alloys Products

Some of zinc and zinc alloys used in industry


LME Reference Prices Used

Zamak and Zinc Price

The price of zamak depends on the price of zinc in the LME (London Metal Exchange) in many parts of the world.
Zamak or zinc price is expressed as LME + premium. Premium price varies depending on the seller and the quality of the goods you receive.
Customers who purchase on annual contracts generally buy at the same premium price throughout the year.

The Official Settlement Price is used to price physically settled LME futures contracts. It is discovered in the Ring, and is the last cash offer price from

Zinc and Zinc Alloys Used in Industry

Zamak is used as ingot. Zinc is generally used ingots and jumbo size. Galvanizing Zinc Alloys is generally used as jumbo size

LME Zinc Official Prices Graph 2000 – Present

LME Zinc Cash Official Fixing – Ask Price Graph – 2000 to Present

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